Customs & Import

Customs Duties is calculated according to customs tariff in effect at the date of beginning of the customs liability.

İn order to export your products to Turkey , first control the import legislation to know the import duties & legislation . We are able to help you , thanks to consult us for control fees .

Customs Tariffs Shall comprise :

1) The Turkish Customs  Tariff Nomenclature adopted by the Council of Ministers

2) Any other nomenclature which is wholly or partly based on the Turkish Customs Tariffs Nomenclature or which adds sub-divisions to it, and which is established for the application of tariffs measures relating to trade in goods ;

3) The rate and other items of  charge covered by the Turkish Customs Tariffs Nomenclature  as regards

  • customs duties
  • import duties laid down under the specific arrangements regarding the agricultural policy or and processed agricultural products
4) the preferential tariffs measures contained in agreements which Turkey has concluded  with certain countries or groups of countries and which provide for the granting of preferential of tariff treatment .
5) preferential tariffs measures adopted unilaterally by Turkey in respect of certain countries, group of countries or territories.
6) suspensive measures providing for a reduction in or relief from import duties chargeable on certains goods;
7) other tariffs measures apart from above
Examination of the Goods 
                             According to Customs Law 4458, goods shall be examined in warehouses or in places designated or approved by the customs authorities. The procedures and principals regarding examination of goods in any other place shall be designated by customs legislation.
                              Transport of the goods to the places where they are to be examinated and samples are to be taken, and all the handling necessitated by such examination or taking of samples, and packaging and sending samples shall be carried out by or under the responsability of the declarant. The costs incurred shall be born by the declarant. The declarant shall be entitle to be present when the goods are examined and when samples are taken.
                              The samples remaining from the analysis, in the case they are not taken back within one month after the results have been stated to the person concerned,  shall be deemed to be left  to the customs .
We work with reliable customs offices and we follow the import legislation .





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