Learn Turkish

Some expats say that they love Turkey but they do not feel 100% comfortable here because they can not speak Turkish. Expat Turkey can help you to find a Turkish tutor.

There are different level with different class hours:

  1. Basic Turkish speaking: 80 hours studying to make sure that you can communicate with your maid; talk to taxi driver to show where to take you; read the menu and order your food at the restaurant etc, all in Turkish;
  2. Intermediate level: another 100 hours for Turkish language on communicate and discuss in Turkish with partners, clients in business field or deal with the Turkish government
İn İstanbul and many cities , İzmir , Antalya , Alanya , Ankara ..etc ..TÖMER Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center was founded with the purpose of teaching Turkish as a foreign language in Turkey and as a mother tongue to Turks living abroad, as well as promoting Turkey and Turkish culture.
İn İstanbul , you can find also near Taksim Turkuaz dil school .
Also , Turkish Language Center arranges academic courses on Turkish Language and culture.These courses are adressed not only to the foreign students from Istanbul University,but also to foreign undergraduate,graduate or postgraduate students from other universities , at İstanbul University , 558 years old. you will be student if your application gets the acceptance for one year visa student.
Finally DİLMER is also a good teaching school and you can look at their course schedule on their internet website.
Berlizt is also teaching turkish trough 4 Berlitz Schools  in İstanbul .
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