To Set Up the Office

Step one: Legal advice & investment consultancy

See Legal Work part , introducing you to the right Law partner .

Step two: Office space

we will help you on finding a place to have your office. If you are a service company, an advertising company or a restaurant, you should of course consider the downtown area, but if you have different needs such as peace and quiet or lots of space, we will have different suggestions. Also we advise you following your sector , usually companies doing same business are located in the area . Or if you look for a warehouse or unit production area , tax free area ..thanks to tell us and we will take care of you . The rental agreement or buying contract will be supervised with the lawyer .

Step three: Office equipment

We can have an architect to design your office , or to advise you and to get quotations for office equipments . We work together , you give us instructions and budget and we bring you some solutions and choose the right one . Then also insurance, utility connections , electricity, telephone, water …

Step four : STAFF

We will give you an idea on salaries for your staff and introduce you to a professional head hunting service to find you some great members for your company. We are also able to look for others intermediaires as advertising companies …



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