Turkey carries the potential to be a regional base – NCR CEO

Sabah – US-based technology company NCR has shortlisted Turkey for a regional base, according to CEO Bill Nuti. Providing ATM and kiosk solutions for a variety of sectors, NCR has specified areas of investment in Turkey, the CEO said ahead of its planned visit to Turkey in spring. “Engineering and call center investments in Turkey are on the agenda. In order to provide new and better solutions to our customers, NCR has considerable local investments in the field of engineering. Call centers, on the other hand, are in demand for managing the service and support we provide to our European customers in Turkey,” he said.

Stating that NCR is also actively looking for investment opportunities in Turkey in areas unrelated to engineering and call centers, Nuti said Turkey’s young and well-educated population is an important advantage. “NCR is planning to invest in the services sector that includes Turkey as a regional center for its strategic value. We also look to Turkey for production investments, considering factors such as incentives, availability of a skilled labor force, the potential of the domestic and surrounding markets,” said the NCR CEO, adding that the company will be investing in Turkey sooner or later.




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