Pre Schools

A really large choice of Pre-schools are existing in İstanbul . First you can choose one near your home , or you can choose following your wishes for your Kids Education , including needed languages . You find many differents costs and you can find the Preschool corresponding to your budget without any problem .


 Europe Side : 

1 ) İnternational Small Hands Academy :

 Small Hands Etiler (European Side of Istanbul)

Small Hands Rumelihisari (European Side of Istanbul)

Small Hands Selamiçesme (Asian Side of Istanbul)

Çekmeköy Utopya Primary and Kindergarten (Asian  Side of Istanbul)

English, Turkish, German, French, and Japanese classes are available. Please check with the campus for confirmation on which languages are available.

Full and part time attendance options are available, and for very young children who still need a nap in the afternoon we accept on a part time basis only.

2) TEİS School :

Having fun is a focus each child has as they enter our doors; the education experience they receive, leaves with them as they exit !

Currently accepting children aged 2,5-6 years, TEİS follows a British style curriculum and system, incorporating the first two classes of  Primary-Reception and Year 1 .


3) Le Petit Génie Pre School :

To learn French is the best choice .



Asian Side  :

Both İnternational Small Hands Academy & Le Petit Génie have schools also .







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