Personal services

In a new country you will always need help in some areas, it might be cleaning your apartment or taking care of your kids when you go to work. It could be that you want to learn turkish  or that your computer just broke down, send us a request and we will sort it out for you.

We offer the best and most convenient solutions for you!


  •  Search, selection, management, necessary visits required to rent a home
  •  Search, selection, management, necessary visits required to buy a home
  •  Any minor work that needs to be done on your home upon arrival
  •  Help with the moving-in process
  •  Any household cleaning that needs to be done upon arrival
  •  Advice and help in the analysis and eventual selection of various insurance products (personal, home, fire, theft, etc.).
  •  Assistance in shopping
  • Preschool for kids or Schools registration
  • Assistance with choosing and buying any necessary products and services
  • Registration of your automobile
  • Validation or modification of your driver’s license
  • The obtainment of the appropriate work permit
  • The obtainment of the residency card
  • The renewal of residency card
  • Registration to the Local Health Office or private insurance
  • Opening of bank account
  • Gas/ Electricity/ water  contract
  • Telephone (fix and mobile) contract
  • Internet connection
  • Proposals for turkish  courses
  • The enrolment in regional clubs: athletic and cultural
  • City guide with general information (transport service hours, emergency phone numbers, etc.) as well as detailed assistance (selected doctors, restaurants, etc)


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